Type Master Poster

This poster was created to honor one of the original masters of typography: Giambattista Bodoni. This is a purely typographic poster which explores how typography can be used as a design element as well as a tool for communicating. Giambattista Bodoni lived during the Industrial Revolution in Europe. It was a time of great change and innovation; products were produced faster at a higher quantity. However, some people saw this as the decline of integrity and authenticity. With this in mind, I designed my poster with a repetitious pattern of J’s which is reminiscent of an assembly line or machine manufactured goods. For my colors, I was inspired by the paintings of this time period. I chose the painting “Coalbrookdale by Night” to extract my color palette from because the town of Coalbrookdale was important in the Industrial Revolution. The town calls itself the cradle of the Industrial Revolution. It is where people began burning coal on a massive scale to smelt iron and make stream power. For my final design, I chose the warmer colors from this painting to mimic the fires that powered Coalbrookdale and the Industrial Revolution. When researching the Bodoni font family, the f’s, j’s, t, as well as the ? and ! symbols really stood out to me. For my final poster, I decided to use the condensed bold J. Below are some of my sketches and other iterations.