Hi, I am Rachel LeBlanc.

Some people like to hypothesize about where creativity comes from. Some say the genius is within us, while others are inclined to believe it is an outside, invisible influence. I’d like to believe both are true. Creativity is everywhere. It is in the trees and in the wind; it exists in nature and within us. We take what we see, and it becomes part of what we create. Everything we create is made up of what we have seen, experienced, and felt. I think about creativity often; it mesmerizes me. I love the effect art has on people. Art can make someone feel something; it can give them a meaningful and important message though no words were used. I aim to inspire feelings and new ideas in people through my art as others have done for me.

Art and creativity are a large part of my life. They are present in everything I do. I couldn’t imagine a world without art - without the freedom of expression. I have lived much of my life through the viewfinder of a camera. My passion for photography began at a young age and never ceased. I believe photography is an important tool for self-expression, documentation, and for conveying ideas. Photography is so much more than pixels or dots on a paper. Let me show you.


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